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Lusterlit Three City International Tour and New Vinyl Single

September 22, 2018

Lusterlit, the literary art-rock duo, was born out of Bushwick Book Club, the literary music performance series, and now Charlie and Susan are bringing Bushwick Book Club to places it has never been--like London!  They're making a three-city international tour of it (NYC/London/Malmo) with new songs inspired by London writer, Julia Gray's new novel, LITTLE LIAR.  They'll also be visiting radio stations in the UK with their new 7" single inspired by Dame Darcy's MEAT CAKE BIBLE!


Lusterlit Interview in World Literature Today

September 03, 2018

When the 91-year-old literary magazine World Literature Today was creating their new Music and Lit issue, they contacted Lusterlit for an interview and we had the best time putting it together. Thanks to editor Michelle Johnson for making it fun. So many things to talk about! Reading, writing songs about books for The Bushwick Book Club, and for Reidar Jönsson's My Life As A Dog, in particular, making great vinyl with Brooklynphono and lots more! Follow the link and listen to the Lusterlit songs inspired My Life As Dog as you read.

Lusterlit Ice Cream Release Ceremony June 15th

May 07, 2018

Friday, June 15th, 7pm doors
House of Fluff (faux-fur, ethical lifestyle fashion brand of Kym Canter and Alex Dymek)
342 Bowery
NYC 10012
ph: 646-688-5677

Help us welcome Lusterlit's new vinyl single, YOU WERE NEVER REALLY HERE, into the world at our Ice Cream Release Ceremony!

When new vinyl singles are birthed, we like to ask the community in joining us for ice cream ritual and group hugs. Come be with us, June 15th, to:

Lick a flavor of ice cream inspired by each song

Coo over the new recordings of "Rolodex"/"River" by Lusterlit (written for The Bushwick Book Club in response to Jonathan Ames' compelling noir novella YOU WERE NEVER REALLY HERE).

Witness the Lusterlit-inspired fashion from designer, Hypnodoll.

Receive the Jonathan Ames' inspired performance from choreographer Nikola Yvette in collaboration with dancers Dawn Kang, Jessie Kilguss and Susan Hwang. Lusterlit will also perform a short set of their literature-inspired songs.

This latest seven-inch single was pressed at the impeccable Brooklynphono from recycled vinyl at their plant in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

New Lusterlit Jonathan Ames-Inspired Single YOU WERE NEVER REALLY HERE

May 07, 2018

Here's our new single, Lusterlit​ 's ode to Jonathan Ames' pitch-black novella/film YOU WERE NEVER REALLY HERE. With 2 new songs, the twisted pop of Rolodex and and the relentlessly dark River, both available now on Bandcamp and soon on vinyl 45, courtesy of Brooklynphono​! Both featuring Susan and Charlie's cinematic blend of electronic and acoustic textures: vintage beatboxes, swirling guitars, traditional Korean drum and sublimely layered vocals, all mining Ames' noirish page-turner for more inspired songcraft about books.

Lusterlit's New Flight Remix/ Limited Edition 7" Vinyl Single

February 17, 2018

Lusterlit's new single Flight is now available on Limited Edition 7” Vinyl, courtesy of Brooklyn Phono, and for download! It features a sparkly indie-dance remix of the song, written for The Bushwick Book Club, inspired by THE FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE by Jonathan Lethem, and originally from the LIST OF EQUIPMENT EP. "Flight Remix" is an electronic celebration of love and magic and elevation with pounding beats, grinding bass, synth glitter and Susan Hwang's dazzling voice.

7" vinyl version of "Flight" is pressed on gorgeous red marbled vinyl at Brooklyn Phono. Folllow the Bandcamp link to order.
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Lusterlit -  FLIGHT

Lusterlit: CEREMONY - Tiny Desk submission 2017

Lusterlit - Nothing
Lusterlit - Euphio: Noise From The Void




""Ominous, noirish, literary chamber pop... Phil Spector deep-space grandeur."


"Whether it’s the inspiration that they take from the most disparate of sources; the creativity that the pair of artists seem to ooze; or the connection that they have when performing together, I cannot think of a pair of performers around at the moment who exude the same passion for their art and inspiration that Lusterlit do...."

-  Ioann Humphries,  LOUDER THAN WAR

With their songs created for Bushwick Book Club, BBC founder, Susan Hwang and BBC contributor and producer, Charlie Nieland, have joined forces as the literature-inspired duo—Lusterlit. Susan and Charlie have been playing and recording their songs about books together for years. They formed Lusterlit to present the songs they've written for BBC as a band and to make fully produced recordings (HOPEFUL MONSTERS, EVERYTHING IS SATEEN: FIVE SONGS INSPIRED BY VONNEGUT & LIST OF EQUIPMENT), alternating lead vocals and harmonies while supporting each other on guitar, bass, piano, synth, traditional Korean drum, accordion and more. Besides playing regularly in Brooklyn, Lusterlit has toured the West Coast of the USA several times, including Bushwick Book Club events with Chuck Palahniuk in Portland with his latest book, LEGACY: AN OFF-COLOR NOVELLA FOR YOU TO COLOR and now, this spring in Los Angeles, with Jonathan Ames and his latest, YOU WERE NEVER REALLY HERE.

Lusterlit has created a double-A sided single, their ode to Ames' new pitch-black novella/film, YOU WERE NEVER REALLY HERE, with 2 songs, the twisted pop of Rolodex and and the relentlessly dark River, available now on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music etc. and on vinyl 45, courtesy of Brooklynphono! Both feature their cinematic blend of electronic and acoustic textures: vintage beatboxes, swirling guitars, Korean drum and sublimely layered vocals, all mining Jonathan Ames' noirish page-turner for more inspired songcraft about books.







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