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Accordion Babes 2019 Calendar Special

Susan Calendar 2019cs.jpg

2019 Accordion Babes Calendar!

Time is slippery.  Why not take note of it with a 2019 Accordion Babes Calendar that comes with a CD compilation of all the unique musicians featured from all over the world (and their accordions).  I'm JULY in the calendar, and my song is track #10.  It's a song I wrote for Bushwick Book Club for Don Rauf's book SCHWINN: The Best Present Ever.   The song is called "Two Wheels."  It features Ed Pastorini on piano, and it was recorded and produced by Charlie Nieland.  The photographer and art director for the photo is Fern Vernon Bernich of BrooklynPhono.  My hair would totally not have done that without her direction.  $20 for the Calendar plus CD!

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